(2016 -2018)

Spring day   (acrylic on paper 75,5x56 cm)

Sky and fire  (acrylic on paper 75,5x56 cm)

I0860A   (acrylic-mixed on canvas 100x100 cm)

Tide  (acrylic-mixed on canvas 97x130 cm)

Blue ocean  (acrylic-mixed on canvas 100x81 cm)

0031D   (acrylic-mixed on canvas 100x100 cm)

Trilogy  (acrylic on paper 113x76 cm)

Rose field    (acrylic-mixed on canvas 100x100 cm)      

Contracorriente   (acrylic on canvas  130x97 cm)

Shadows   (acrylic-mixed on canvas 100x100 cm)      

Red and green   (acrylic on paper 46,2x37,8 cm)

Sky in the night   (acrylic on paper 74,5x55,5 cm)      

Red city  (acrylic on paper 74,5x55,5 cm)      

Deep sea II  (acrylic-mixed on canvas 54x65 cm)

Opposite (acrylic-mixed on canvas 54x73 cm)