Resume (C V)

Luis Medina Manso
Santander  (Spain)

Tel: +34 656602125

Recent awards:

2020.  Selected National Painting Contest Casimiro Sainz 2020 Reinosa
2019.  Finalist for the Painting Prize Tat Vila Barcelona 2019
2017.  Finalist XVI International Award painting "Miquel Viladrich"  Lleida
2017.  Selected International Award painting "Focus" Sevilla
2016.  Finalist XXI Painting Prize "Ciudat d'Algemesí"‏   (Valencia)
2016.  Finalist XLVIIl City of Alcalá Visual Arts Award   Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
2016.  Selected XXIV International Award painting "Telax" Reus Tarragona
2016.  Selected Painting Prize Welcome Donostia    Donostia
2015.  Finalist XXXIII International Painting Prize Eugenio Hermoso  Badajoz
2014.  Finalist VIII Biennale Riudebitlles  Barcelona
2014.  Selected XIX Painting Prize "Ciudat d'Algemesí"‏   (Valencia) 
2013.  Finalist XI International Biennial "Painter Laxeiro"  Lalin  Pontevedra
2013.  Selected XIV Prize contemporary art "City of Torremolinos" (Málaga)
2012.  Finalist National Painting Prize Rotary Club  Valencia

Recent solo exhibitions:

2020.  Espiral Gallery  "Spaces and  forms"    Noja  (Cantabria)
2018.  Ormolú Gallery  "Retornos"  Pamplona

2018.  Old City Hall of Comillas "Forms and sensibilities"  Comillas (Cantabria)
2017.  Angel Cantero Gallery  "Contrastes"   León
2017.  Garcilaso Space Gallery  "Sensations"  Torrelavega (Cantabria)
2016.  Ormolú Gallery  "Transformas"  Pamplona
2015.  Marita Segovia Gallery  "Color transformation"  Madrid
2015.  Visol Gallery    "Reformas"    Orense
2014.  Parliament of Cantabria  “Compendium”   Santander
2014.  Angel Cantero Gallery  "The form of color"   León
2014.  Exhibition Hall of BBVA  “Formas”  Oviedo
2013.  Marita Segovia Gallery   "Figuraciones"    Madrid
2013.  Este  Gallery     "To be square"     Santander
2012.  Jesús Otero Museum   "Entrapped"   Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)
2011.  Aristas Gallery   "Transition"      Gijón
2011.  Este  Gallery     "Estemoción"     Santander
2011.  Cimentada Gallery   "Arquimetría"    Oviedo
2010.  Visol Gallery    "Townies"    Orense
2010.  Sardon Gallery   "Archemotions"    León
2010.  Exhibition Hall Algorta    Getxo (Vizcaya)
2009.  Aristas Gallery    "Uncertainty"     Gijón
2009.  Carmen Carrión Gallery    "Urban Streams"     Santander
2008.  Amararte Gallery    "Urbe"    Lugo
2008.  Sol & Bartolome Gallery    "Feelings and civility"    Santiago de Compostela
2008.  Dr. Madrazo  Central Hall     Santander 
2007.  Cimentada Gallery     Oviedo
2007.  Kultur Etxea      Guernica (Vizcaya)
2007.  Jesus Otero Museum     Santillana del Mar (Cantabria)
2006.  Bozzetto Gallery      Bilbao
2006.  Algas  Gallery      Suances (Cantabria)

Art Fairs, others:

2020.  ART MADRID  Art Fair,  with Espiral Gallery      Madrid
2019.  SIANOJA XIX International Symposium of Artists  Noja (Cantabria)
2019.  FLECHA Artea Bilbao´19 Contemporary art Fair    Bilbao
2017.  CASADECOR Art and Decoration Fair with FLECHA   Madrid
2016.  BATTERSEA  Decorative Fair,  with Marita Segovia Gallery  London
2015.  ALMONEDA  Art and Antiques Fair,  with Marita Segovia Gallery   Madrid
2014.  ART MADRID  Art Fair,  with Marita Segovia Gallery           Madrid
2014.  ALMONEDA  Art and Antiques Fair,  with Marita Segovia Gallery   Madrid
2013.  CASA//ARTE  Art Fair,  with Marita Segovia Gallery          Madrid

Recent group exhibitions:

2020.  "Artists in lockdown" Espiral Gallery    Noja (Cantabria)
2019.   SIANOJA XIX   Espiral Gallery      Noja (Cantabria)
2019.   Ormolu Gallery 20th Anniversary      Pamplona
2016.   XXIV International Award painting "Telax" Reus Tarragona
2016.   Painting Prize Welcome Donostia    Donostia
2016.   Ormolu Gallery   "Group exhibition of summer"     Pamplona 
2015.   XV International Award painting "Miquel Viladrich"  Lleida
2015.   XXXIII International Painting Prize "Eugenio Hermoso"  Badajoz
2014.   Angel Cantero  Gallery    "Format C"        León 
2014.   XXXII International Painting Prize Eugenio Hermoso  Badajoz
2014.  XIX Painting Prize " Ciudat d'Algemesí '"‏      Algemesí (Valencia)
2014.   Artists against the war         Baracaldo (Vizcaya)
2014.   Angel Cantero  Gallery    "Format C"        León 
2013.  "Portas Abertas"  Forum Eugenio de Almeida        Evora (Portugal)
2013.   Artists against the war          Basauri, Munguia, Zarauz (Euskadi)
2013.  XI International Biennial "Painter Laxeiro"  Lalin (Pontevedra)
2012.  "Il corpo, la carne, e l'anima"      Milán, Padua, Brescia, Vicenza (Italy)
2012.  "Ontmoetingen II" (Encounters II)  Rosmolen     Zeddam (Holland)
2012.  75 th anniversary of the bombing of Gernika       Bilbao, Gernika, Durango (Euskadi)
2012.  National Painting Prize Rotary Club    Puig Monastery  (Valencia)
2012.  VII Biennale art on paper     Riudebitlles (Barcelona), 
2011.  "Ontmoetingen" (Encounters)  Rosmolen Museum     Zeddam (Holland)
2011.  "Ontmoetingen" (Encounters) Driekoningenkapel     Doetinchem (Holland)
2011.  "The body, the flesh, the soul"        Burgos, Albacete, Arnuero
2011.  XIII Contest international arts CEC      Cádiz, Línea de la Concepción
2011.  XIV Prize "City of Palencia" art           Palencia
2011.  Orfila  Gallery      Madrid
2011.  Ekléctica  Gallery     Madrid
2010.  Art contest finalists Luarca         Luarca, Mieres, Avilés, Gijón, Madrid
2010.  Sardon  Gallery      León
2009.  Ra del Rey  Gallery     Madrid
2009.  Aristas Gallery      Gijon
2009.  Sol & Bartolome Gallery     Santiago de Compostela
2008.  Jorge Ontiveros   Gallery      Madrid
2008.  Santiago Casar  Gallery      Santander 

Main publications in press:

"Luis Medina takes his Spaces and forms to the Spiral Gallery", Guillermo Balbona, El Diario Montañes, 08-11-20
" SIANOJA XIX, International Symposium of Artists"  Lola Gallardo. El Diario Montañes, 20-06-19
"Luis Medina, Artist", Lucía Alcolea. El Diario Montañes, 26-08-18
"Abstraction in its pure state", Cristina Altuna. Diario de Navarra, 13-06-18
"The beauty of abstraction", Amaia Rodríguez. Diario Noticias, 06-11-18
“A song to the abstraction”, Marcelino Cuevas.  El Diario de León, 07-11-17  
" The new sensations of Luis Medina", Lola Gallardo. El Diario Montañes of Cantabria, 6-05-17
"Transformas", Cristina Altuna. Diario de Navarra, 26-11-16
“Wabi-Sabi”, A D Architectural Digest, May, 2016 
“Zero citizen”,  Tareixa Taboada. La Voz de Galicia,  20-04-15
“The beauty of geometry”, Marcelino Cuevas.  El Diario de León, 07-11-14  
“The “Compendium” of Medina in the Parliament of Cantabria” El Mundo (Cantabria Ed.), 9-05-14
“Searcher A D”, A D Architectural Digest, Feb, 2014 
“Luis Medina leads his study of color to Este " El Mundo (Cantabria Ed.), 5-10-13
“Figuraciones”, Amalia García Rubí. Infoenpunto, 19-05-13
"Caught", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 06/07/12
"Estemotion" J M Gutiérrez  El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 30/07/11 
"Geometric Abstraction", Jeronimo Martel. La voz de Galicia  22/09/10
"The elegance of the line," Marcelino Cuevas. El Diario de Leon, 10/09/10
"Portrait of the megalopolis friendly" Irene Sainz. El Mundo (Cantabria Ed.), 15/04/09
"Urban Streams", A. Ruiz. El Diario Montañes, 09/04/09
"The city of brush," Nieves Neira. El Progreso de Lugo, 29/11/08
"The man lost in the city of Luis Medina", El Progreso de Lugo, 08/11/08
"Urban Landscape". Antiqvaria Magazine Mayo 2008
"Feelings and Manners." El País  (Galicia Ed.), 04/11/08
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"Portrait: Luis Medina painter", Marina Alvarez. El Diario Montañes of Cantabria, 15/07/07
"Looks intimate" Elena Clemente. Oviedo Diario, 23/06/07
"The architecture of color," Aida Collado. Comercio de Asturias, 13/06/07
"The color and shape," Daniel Lauzirika. Busturialdeko Hitza de Vizcaya  13/04/07
"The colors of Luis Medina", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 20/02/06
"Open Classroom", El Diario Montañes deCantabria, 04/01/05

Description of the Work through press releases:
Medina surprised, some time ago, loaded with colorful abstract paintings angry, domineering, live, with a lively palette ("The colors of Luis Medina", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 20/02/06), then we speak of color and of form, lines and rectangles poses that are perceived as unstable as blurred geometries ("The color and shape," Busturialdeko Hitza of Biscay, 4/13/07). Then set out on his way to a figure constructed with color pulse report, playful and free abstraction ("The architecture of color," El Comercio de Asturias, 13/06/07), getting the balance through the abstraction that transformed into feelings and emotions ("Intimate Perspectives", Oviedo Diario, 23/06/07), urban reality that characterizes buildings flooded by a geometric pattern, influenced by his studies in industrial engineering ("Feelings and Civility", El Correo Gallego, 27/02/08), his works deal with a series of acrylic paintings that depict the urban reality with geometrical shapes ("Feelings and Civility", El Pais, 04/11/08), his works are strongly influenced by the society that surrounds, is a painting that speaks of the urban landscape of everyday life of thousands of people ("Urban Landscape", Antiqvaria May 2008), Luis Medina's painting could be called 'arquipintura', the city is the star of his work, the color and geometry are two main elements are allied in his paintings ("The City of Brush," El Progreso de Lugo, 29/11/08).Under the heading "Urban Streams" represents the major cities, large buildings and at his feet, the man who represents a small spot ("Urban Streams", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 02/04/09), the picture kind of the magalópolis, schematic urbanite towards building where the artist emphasizes the importance of color ("friendly portrait of the megalopolis," El Mundo Cantabria, 15/04/09). Binds with high accuracy with fine gray spots full of chromatic lines that bring a strange light, his paintings have a special attraction and great elegance in their composition (The elegance of line, "El Diario de Leon, 22/09/10 ). The Medina´s  Abstract Expressionism is not a cold treatment of forms, but a proposal of sensations balanced and well studied. In addition to the geometry and the line has a lot to say the color ("Estemoción", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 30-07-11). Technically it is based on the study of compositions between different gray and black and its effect on color, through geometry, in a game with emotion and feelings. A set of works full of suggestion and elegance ("Caught", El Diario Montañes de Cantabria, 16-07-12). Luis Medina immerses us into musical symphonies through a happy encounter of personal synesthesias. A work that combines sensitivity and method to show the kindest face and sensory of geometric abstraction (“Figuraciones”, Infoenpunto, 19-05-13). Luis Medina leads his study of color to Este Gallery,  yours acrylics us refer to the normative art and within of this to  the organization orthogonal of the plane through the line and the right angle (El Mundo  Cantabria , 5-10-13). The abstraction of this painter who exhibits a selection of her work, transforms the city into sensitivity ("Compendium", El Mundo Cantabria, 05/09/14). The cities of Luis Medina have geometric shape, in a game with emotion and feelings that creates a series of paintings that show yearn suggestions, senses and elegance ("Compendium" El Diario Montanes, 05/12/14). A careful composition greatly enhances the painting of this Vasarelli of Santander that without plunging into the labyrinths of pop art, knows how to do a painting of deep meaning and deceptive simplicity. ("The beauty of geometry," El Diario de León, 11/14/07). "Reforms" responding to a color evolution in the artist's palette and formal, after experimenting with shock and dilated spots typical of lyrical abstraction, are compositions of high power channel effects and emotions, (“Zero citizen”, La Voz de Galicia,  20-04-15). Geometric abstraction and minimalism in the works of Luis Medina, color and geometry are the bets of the painter in the search for different balanced compositions ("Transformas", Diario de Navarra, 11-26-16), In this new stage, the expression of color reaches the public through minimalist compositions where he looks for the formula "more with less" and with it provokes sensations and feelings (The New Sensations of Luis Medina, El Diario Montañes 05-06-17 ). Contemplating his works many spectators will think that he is an artist who is navigating the crests of the avant-garde ("A song to abstraction", El Diario de León, 07-11-17). The cantabrian artist returns to his origins with " Returns " a sample formed by minimalist compositions that speak of the expression of color (" The beauty of abstraction ", Diario de Noticias, 11-06-18). The works in which minimalism, compositional equilibrium, and expression of color have a name behind, that is Luis Medina ("Abstraction in its purest form", Diario de Navarra, 13-06-18). I have always been in constant evolution. The fusion of colors, borders, the metamorphosis of the tones and the atmosphere of a painting that suggests movement, this is the work of "Forms and sensibilities" by Luis Medina ("Forms and sensibilities", El Diario Montañes, 26-08 -18). Medina's geometry takes the viewer of his work to pictorial territories that are not entirely unknown. On the one hand there are constructive aspects of planes and lines and, on the other, color resides ("Spaces and forms", El Diario Montañes, 08-11-20)